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Cute colorful fuzzy 🐈

This cat is a real cat

Sweet little kitty

I have 2 three year olds who love this game. It’s nice that they can figure out more games as they explore around the room.

App saved the day...twice!

We went to our local shelter and found a perfect cat, she was 10 years old and my son fell in love with her. I went to adopt her and they said someone else had already beat us to her. My poor 6 year old was devastated. We downloaded this app and he has a pet to play with and laughs hysterically for the fur blowing, ambulance riding, well, all the funny cat antics! The developers did an amazing job putting this gem together. Color a picture? It stays on the easel in the room when you exit out! Easy integration to share art work via text or email (with parental code to unlock). The cats movements and silliness are so true to a cat, but dialed up just a tad to make it funnier. We had a dinner tonight: 7 adults and my son. This app helped him make it through dessert. He showed everyone his cat’s silly tricks and had people rolling. The retired Boeing engineer said they just needed to figure out how to let you reach in and pull it out for a cuddle. This app has helped bridge the gap in hard situations. We will be adopting a cat or some kittens fairly soon, but we have a little friend to keep us company and purr in the meantime. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

I'm An Adult and I Love It

I was gifted this app from my roommate when I had to put my young cat to sleep unexpectedly. The kitten in the game looks exactly like my Loki. At first I didn't think I'd be able to handle that, but now I can't stop playing with him. It's really helped me through my grieving process. I feel like I'm still able to play with my little guy even though he's no longer here. I know this game is for very young children, but having the ability to interact with a little virtual kitty has been very nice for me. This app is well designed, the games are quite cute, easy to understand, and it's got a lot of little things that make it fun to play with for quite awhile. I'm a private tutor and I've recommended it to parents for their younger children and they've all loved it. I highly suggest giving it a go if you have a child who likes animals. Even if you're an adult and want a cute kitty to play with on occasion, try it out. It's worth it for a good time filler. And lastly, to the designers: you'll never truly know how much this app has helped me through this difficult time in my life, but I'm grateful for it. Thank you so much.

No sound!

My daughter enjoys this game but where is the sound? I have checked my volume (works well with other apps & music), checked the app settings (it’s set to ‘on’), restarted my iPad and uninstalled and reinstalled this app twice and yet the sound from this app still does not work! Please help. I think my 2 year old would enjoy this more if she can hear they cat’s reaction.

Don't work... and they got my money

They taked my money and the apps don't work I try everything in my iPad but the only app that don't work is this ... I want my money back

The Best game in the whole wide world

The first day I played this game I loved it so much and I thought it was the cutest game ever it is fun to play when you’re bored or on a Road trip or with no Wi-Fi I love to play so much and the good thing is I love cats to there the best


Not worth the money I spent $2 dollars on this game and all you do is sit in a room with a cat and do nothing else like we can't even explore the house or dress up the cat or anything..this app needs updates really bad

So cute!😘

So cute he kitten just looks like my real kitten 🐱!!


My two year old loves this game. Best way to keep him entertained when we are in public!

Great but 🤔

This app is great but I do wish that there was more like maybe a full house with a kitchen where the cat can eat and other rooms that would be super cool and I do wish that you could dress the cat or something and in addition to the house idea don't forget a back yard the graphics are amazing 😉 there awesome 👏 round of applause for you 👏 I love this game I wish there was more

Cute attack

Best app ever and for the price it's worth installing but I think that they should make a little puppy app but keep the little kitten

Don't love it I only like it

I don't get why everything is easy but the hide and seek my child is finding it hard it's stupid and unnecessary but otherwise it's a good app for kids like mine.


Love kittens

Absolutely precious!

I have a 5 year old grandson that loves this game. There are so many cute features to it to keep him playing for a long time. He loves for me to participate in the game with him. Since I'm a cat lover, I love that the kitten is from a photo of a real kitten with real cat sounds.

Toddlers favorite - 1 complaint

We love this app... however I wish you could skip the intro sooner. He always cries when the cat is sad in the box waiting to be adopted. He gets so upset :( please make it so you can skip that part right away :)


Very cute. Thank you for the free download. (Free app of the week)

Like Tofu but not really

This game doesn't have tofu which makes it as pointless and conventional dentistry. Where is my "tofu factory" mate I mean come on¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ FAM WHY¶


It's a cute app with high quality animations. However beware if you have a sensitive child. The opening animation is a bit sad and it really affected my four year old and made her cry. Ended up deleting the app.


I know this is for kids but I don't care. It is very cute and fun. Maybe it will get old but I got it for free. Give it a shot if you like kittens.

I love it but crash sometimes

Love it but crash it is cute and adorable but please fix the crashing

So cute

So I'm a grandmother who saw this was free and snatched it up. I've done this hundreds of times before and have only kept about 15-20 around. This is so cute. I've only spent 5 minutes but that kitty is adorable. May not keep the app but I want the Cat!

My addiction

It's so cute and it's so fun I'm ADDICTED

I'm 11 and LOVE this game

Is it bad that I like this app? I LOVE cats and this app has the best graphics that I have ever seen! The graphics are incredible... They are adorable!!!!!!!! Also, the mini games are really cute. I know this app is 5 or under, but honestly if you are looking for a app with good graphics and a really cute kitty, this app is for you! (No matter how old you are!) 5 stars out of 5 stars!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Cute but pointless

This is such a cute game. I just feel like it's pointless and pretty boring to be honest. There's a decent amount of things to do but It's just petting a cat or painting.

Constantly loses sound

Every time you zoom in on the kitten upstairs, you lose sound, have to unplug EarPods and plug them back in to get sound back.

Adorable and Addicting!

I totally love Little Kitten. It helps me kill time and have fun in the afternoon when my sister uses the television. I have the iPad, though, and Little Kitten is a great highlight. I can't get enough of this cute striped cat who's always getting into trouble. My favorite part is when you blow into the microphone and his fur sticks up. It's so funny! The graphics are great, and the audio is impeccable. Keep at it! -MJStalloneGal

Adorable app with frequent updates!

My grandkids ages 1-8 love this app! Always ask to play it! :)

So Cute!

This is so fun to play, the little kitten is so adorable!


Superb Game for Kids... Thanks for the developers of this game.

I am a grown adult and I love this game.'s just so pretty 😩 and the kitten is adorable. The art is incredible

Reminds me of Foopets

Most of you probably won't know/remember what FooPets were, but it was a virtual kid's game where you could take care of dogs and cats and do other things like breed with your friends's pets and join dog shows and etc. It used to be free until they made it like, $20 a month. I'm glad this is free because it takes me back to the times I was in middle school taking care of realistic virtual pets.

Good game but not worth the money

This game is a fun interactive cat game but it isn't worth the money i suggest dropping the price or making the game free permanently, but if you're looking for a game for your young child you should get this app. Four stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I a m c o m p l e t e

This is the cutest little thing I've ever seen! I saw it when it cost money and was like yeshhhhh and nooooo but it's good for adults to and I luv crumbs ;>

I didn't play it but.....

I have read a few reviews and from the looks of it it's pretty good the only thing is that it takes like 10000000 years to download it's still downloading right now! So I am just gonna give it 4 stars for now....... ITS STILL DOWNLOADING OMG!!!!!

Im a college kid

I'm a first year University student but i couldnt help but download this cute app. Lookin forward to more features! Great app 😍


So great and cute it's so amazing! I have my own cats and I just love cats! Best game ever!

Haven't played yet

I've been reading the reviews and they seem good! But prey for me.. I might be 99 when the app uploads 😂


Okay so it looked fun but its eyes looked weird then I took a screen shot and zoomed in the eyes AND THERE WAS CAMRAS!!


You defentily need to care of crashes and the LOONG download but over all it is a pretty good game.


This is a big waste of time and money. Someone put a lot of effort into the graphics, why not make it an actual game? There's absolutely nothing to do!!!! This app is incredibly boring. The cat looks completely unnatural. A cat giving thumbs up? Really? I was really excited to play this but, all is lost. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP THERE ARE NO GAMES AND THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IT IS A BIGGGGG WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!!😤😤😤😡😡😡🙄🙄😒😒👿👿👺👺😾😾😾😾💸⌛️👊🏻👊🏻

My niece loves this ❤️

This game is a MUST especially for young kids my niece is 5 years old and adores this game a i like how if they try to make a app purchase you have to first answer the math question which is a number one thing for me because god know she just loves to click on random things a purchase from the app store

Not impressed

The app its self is fine but it takes so much memory to download!!!


This game is awesome and I just got it 1 hour ago so fun please get it I give it 5 stars it is the best game in the universe

Cute game!

I downloaded this because my youngest loves cats and I'm amazed how neat the game is. Needless to say it caught my attention and hers.

Haven't played yet

Haven't played yet, says five and under, but looks great!!

Kitten Kutie

Cuteness Overload😻😻 😽💕




That cat is so cute!!!!!!


I'm 15, lost all my friends, and I'm still playing this kitty game. I hate my life, follow me on IG:jackob2001

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