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Little kitten

I purchased this app and it doesn’t work. I would like my $3.99 refund. Don’t waste your money.

Little kitten app not working

Not working!! No sounds and keeps shutting off.

i love it

Dont never everend it.Is so cute.I love to play with crumbs beacouse i like cats .He looks just like Tom,my cat.I almost cried at the start,but then it turn awwww.I have the second app too.You should make a third with his brothers and sisters and mother and father .I just loooooove it😻

Something I hate about the game

What I hate about the game is i cannot even play! It just kicks me out when I get on the intro!

i don’t think i ever bought this app

i’m confused

You need to add more things to do!

I like this game but there is not enough to do and you can’t make the color gray to draw that kitten in the drawing section of the game make that possible please I would like it alot

Sound doesn’t work on iPad

Bad customer service - unresponsive to my email. According to the detail it should be compatible with my iPad. Waste of money.


In the app at the beginning when I didn’t know how do anything it was pretty fun! But after I knew how to play it you got really boring! And there is nothing to do and all of the games were really babyish and all the games started bugging out and it wouldn’t let me play certain games. I wouldn’t recommend it.

It was amazing, wish it still worked

It was an amazing app, but we haven’t been able to get the app to open since before Christmas. The updates haven’t fixed the issue for us.😥


its great ,my kid loves it but it does shut down or doesnt loadcan i get help wih that please


Fluffy.yes, that’s my favorite part of the game so please add more fluffy ness

Just a little cuddle

I added this to entertain my great grandson. I am a cat person. Such an adorable little kitty. Just fun to play with. It may be nonsense but sure takes your mind off the mundanity of the fools you encounter.

Great app

My daughter is 3 and has been playing it for sometime now. Loves it and she’s not easily entertained. She especially love the painting. It’s. Great feature.

Amazing, Wish This Were Real

This app is so totally amazing! But I really wish this was real. I actually bought or installed this app a totally long time ago, so I'm not so sure about this. This app probably had not been free. I think this app costed $3 or $4? But that is not much of a fair deal. This is just one app. This is also for kids. The adults might have wasted their money because they bought this for their kids. Usually, people made fair deals. Such as making it only like, $1/0.99. But to make an even fairer deal, this app should've been free. You have also released Little Kitten Adventures, and it costs $4. I can't afford that yet, because I'm buying a computer soon. I wish that was were real... I have also scrolled other reviews from people about Little Kitten Adventures, saying that there were lots of bugs that didn't make the deal fair. Please make them free. I'm sure you have already raised about $30, and I really think that's enough. But if you want to raise more money, sure. But not too expensive, please. Did you know? If you make things CHEAPER, more and more people will start buying it. Then you would raise more money. You maybe would've already raised the total of money as you would have made it expensive! If you make it expensive, less people will start buying it because of the shocking cost. So I'm telling you, you should make apps cheaper. Thanks! Oh and to people, the kitten already has a name and I'm sure a gender. His name is Crumbs, just by looking at his food bowl. I figured that he was a boy because his name seemed like a boy name.

App not working

Why did the app just stop working?

Being a kitten

You can basically be a kitten

Kitten view 🐈🦁🐯🐱😺😸😼🙀😿😾😽😹

This game is so awesome. I don’t like how it only has a few things you can do. But, I guess beggars can’t be choosers. This is my first time writing a review. So I don’t know what to do.

So cute!

I love this! It’s fun and helps to eliminate anxiety!

Cutest virtual pet EVER...

I’m old and love this app. I can’t wait to show my nieces (5 and 8 yrs old). My 26 yr old daughter loved it too...and downloaded it. IT’S JUST UNBELIEVABLY CUTE. Perfect expressions on the very well behaved kitten. Check it out. You’ll love it too.

Help please

Missing the free version Not as many free options after paying for it And where is the other rooms Please help since it was purchased even the extra in app purchase didn’t load after that purchase Appreciated Very fun

Cute but boring

Nothing to do, very cute adorable kitty wish i could dress it up and do more with it

Kitty’s closet


I can’t wait

I just downloaded this and it’s taking sooooooo long to download I can’t WWWAAAaAaIttt!!!!!🤪🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎😎when it downloads im like 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣then I die and didn’t even get a chance ☠️☠️☠️🍗🐈🙏🏿


in the beginning i was very excited but then, it got boring and stupid. don’t download it. waste of money

This is really nice app for kids. But iPhone X support is needed as well

I would love to give 5stars if iPhone X support is added. My daughter really love that game. Can you guys please update thanks

This is the greatest app ever!

This is the greatest app I’ve ever played! The cat looks adorable and the mini games you play with him/her are fun and funny. You should download this game it is very fun And cute 😍😍😍👍👍👍

iPad issue fixed!

Latest update has fixed iPad animation issues. Thanks!

Cute colorful fuzzy 🐈

This cat is a real cat

Sweet little kitty

I have 2 three year olds who love this game. It’s nice that they can figure out more games as they explore around the room.

App saved the day...twice!

We went to our local shelter and found a perfect cat, she was 10 years old and my son fell in love with her. I went to adopt her and they said someone else had already beat us to her. My poor 6 year old was devastated. We downloaded this app and he has a pet to play with and laughs hysterically for the fur blowing, ambulance riding, well, all the funny cat antics! The developers did an amazing job putting this gem together. Color a picture? It stays on the easel in the room when you exit out! Easy integration to share art work via text or email (with parental code to unlock). The cats movements and silliness are so true to a cat, but dialed up just a tad to make it funnier. We had a dinner tonight: 7 adults and my son. This app helped him make it through dessert. He showed everyone his cat’s silly tricks and had people rolling. The retired Boeing engineer said they just needed to figure out how to let you reach in and pull it out for a cuddle. This app has helped bridge the gap in hard situations. We will be adopting a cat or some kittens fairly soon, but we have a little friend to keep us company and purr in the meantime. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

I'm An Adult and I Love It

I was gifted this app from my roommate when I had to put my young cat to sleep unexpectedly. The kitten in the game looks exactly like my Loki. At first I didn't think I'd be able to handle that, but now I can't stop playing with him. It's really helped me through my grieving process. I feel like I'm still able to play with my little guy even though he's no longer here. I know this game is for very young children, but having the ability to interact with a little virtual kitty has been very nice for me. This app is well designed, the games are quite cute, easy to understand, and it's got a lot of little things that make it fun to play with for quite awhile. I'm a private tutor and I've recommended it to parents for their younger children and they've all loved it. I highly suggest giving it a go if you have a child who likes animals. Even if you're an adult and want a cute kitty to play with on occasion, try it out. It's worth it for a good time filler. And lastly, to the designers: you'll never truly know how much this app has helped me through this difficult time in my life, but I'm grateful for it. Thank you so much.

No sound!

My daughter enjoys this game but where is the sound? I have checked my volume (works well with other apps & music), checked the app settings (it’s set to ‘on’), restarted my iPad and uninstalled and reinstalled this app twice and yet the sound from this app still does not work! Please help. I think my 2 year old would enjoy this more if she can hear they cat’s reaction.

Don't work... and they got my money

They taked my money and the apps don't work I try everything in my iPad but the only app that don't work is this ... I want my money back

The Best game in the whole wide world

The first day I played this game I loved it so much and I thought it was the cutest game ever it is fun to play when you’re bored or on a Road trip or with no Wi-Fi I love to play so much and the good thing is I love cats to there the best


Not worth the money I spent $2 dollars on this game and all you do is sit in a room with a cat and do nothing else like we can't even explore the house or dress up the cat or anything..this app needs updates really bad

So cute!😘

So cute he kitten just looks like my real kitten 🐱!!


My two year old loves this game. Best way to keep him entertained when we are in public!

Great but 🤔

This app is great but I do wish that there was more like maybe a full house with a kitchen where the cat can eat and other rooms that would be super cool and I do wish that you could dress the cat or something and in addition to the house idea don't forget a back yard the graphics are amazing 😉 there awesome 👏 round of applause for you 👏 I love this game I wish there was more

Cute attack

Best app ever and for the price it's worth installing but I think that they should make a little puppy app but keep the little kitten

Don't love it I only like it

I don't get why everything is easy but the hide and seek my child is finding it hard it's stupid and unnecessary but otherwise it's a good app for kids like mine.


Love kittens

Absolutely precious!

I have a 5 year old grandson that loves this game. There are so many cute features to it to keep him playing for a long time. He loves for me to participate in the game with him. Since I'm a cat lover, I love that the kitten is from a photo of a real kitten with real cat sounds.

Toddlers favorite - 1 complaint

We love this app... however I wish you could skip the intro sooner. He always cries when the cat is sad in the box waiting to be adopted. He gets so upset :( please make it so you can skip that part right away :)


Very cute. Thank you for the free download. (Free app of the week)

Like Tofu but not really

This game doesn't have tofu which makes it as pointless and conventional dentistry. Where is my "tofu factory" mate I mean come on¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ FAM WHY¶


It's a cute app with high quality animations. However beware if you have a sensitive child. The opening animation is a bit sad and it really affected my four year old and made her cry. Ended up deleting the app.


I know this is for kids but I don't care. It is very cute and fun. Maybe it will get old but I got it for free. Give it a shot if you like kittens.

I love it but crash sometimes

Love it but crash it is cute and adorable but please fix the crashing

So cute

So I'm a grandmother who saw this was free and snatched it up. I've done this hundreds of times before and have only kept about 15-20 around. This is so cute. I've only spent 5 minutes but that kitty is adorable. May not keep the app but I want the Cat!

My addiction

It's so cute and it's so fun I'm ADDICTED

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